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Best Presents for mommy May 8, 2009

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hmmm… semoga suamiku membaca postkyu yang satu ini.. ini sih khusus hadiah2 utk mothers day tapi kalo mommy vanessa ulang taun atau hadiah perkawinan juga bisa kok.. soalnya kalo menurut mami, apapun occasionnya asal hadiahnya berbau kenangan bersama anak atau keluarga pasti lebih berarti dibanding dikasih emas permata.. ciee.. ini nih contoh2 hadiah yang manis (boleh copy dari website lain sih.. :p )

The best Mother’s Day gifts

1. “A picture frame that talks. My husband found a picture of our 3-year-old son and helped him record the message, ‘I love you, Mommy.’ “–> MY Favorit one

2.”Gift certificates to a local spa.”

3.”My daughter decorated a flower pot at preschool and then planted a flower in it. That flower is still growing beautifully, as is the child who planted it.”

4.”The time my 3-year-old son slept until noon! I had a Sunday morning to myself to read the newspaper and drink my coffee while listening to him quietly sleeping.”

5.”On my first Mother’s Day, my husband gave me a mother-and-baby charm with our daughter’s birthstone in it. After our second daughter was born, he gave me another Mother’s Day charm with both of our children’s birthstones in it. I’m now pregnant with my third child, and am hoping for a third charm.”

6.”An ad in Newsday wishing me a happy first Mother’s Day.

7.”A picture collage of my son’s first year.”

8.”A shirt with my 22-month-old daughter’s handprints and footprints.”–> My favorit two

9.”A gift certificate for a weekend learn-to-surf clinic for women. Getting to spend a weekend having fun in the water was such a treat (and a killer workout).”

10.”A bright, homemade bracelet made of mix-and-match beads. I wore it all day, and I still have it in my jewelry box.”

11.”My first child. She was born on May 8, and we came home from the hospital on Mother’s Day. I hadn’t even realized what day it was until I walked into the nursery and found my first Mother’s Day card signed with my daughter’s footprint.”

Jangan dikasih peralatan masak atau bersih2 ya…. please deh emang kita petugas kebersihan apa..


One Response to “Best Presents for mommy”

  1. Iwase Says:

    ya namanya juga ibu or mami… wajar lah bersih2 :p

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